Flowers, Shrubs, Trees, and More

We Have Everything You Need To Compliment Your Home or Business

First impressions go a long way with new friends and clients. You may not realize, but how others perceive the outside of your home or business is very important. The best way to welcome these newcomers is to greet them with a beautiful and organized landscape. The aesthetic value of your property can make all the difference you need to keep them coming back.


Selection of Plants


Our diverse variety of gorgeous flowers will take your breath away. We have just what you need to spice up your old flower bed, hang a new basket from your patio, or turn a concrete path into a butterfly runway!










Looking for artistic shrubs to surround your home or business? We have just what you need to attract new customers and make everyone feel at home.  If you’re local, give us a call and we’ll trim them for you.




Selecting the right trees for your home is an important decision, and you’ve come to the right place. Stop by and let us help you make this long term investment. Trust me, it’s worth it!












We’ve all been there. The Co-Op doesn’t carry them anymore and you just can’t find those special tomatoes you grew in years past. We carry over 25 different strains of starter tomatoes by the thousands. You’re bound to find the ones you love.